Help, I’m listening to the Peter Dinklage GOT Theme song on repeat … this has to be unhealthy.

Also - is it ethically OK to ignore THAT scene from the last GOT episode and continue to like Jaime Lannister bc it was shitty writing and had no reason being there? Am I allowed to put that scene where I put the HIMYM finale?! I am having a moral dilemma over this …

That scene was so disturbing….especially since it wasn’t in the books….Personally I still like Jamie…I think he took what he did to the extreme..but he was hurt..his sister just asked him to murder his brother, the ONLY person who treats him good, and doesn’t see his missing hand as a crutch-he wanted her to hurt, as badly as he was hurting….not because of Joffrey, but to make her lose something so dear to her.  Yes Cersei is human, and is hurt because her baby boy died, but she is still an evil, evil person. Think of all that she has done… Do I think Jamie was right in what, he did? No, absolutely not, I do not condone rape AT ALL…Do Ilook at him differently…no, I’m trying not to… I tend to look at all the horrible things that Cersei has done…and I feel better…

"…On Tumblr, there were 1.8 million notes on posts about Orphan Black in the month leading up to the premiere, including 277,000 on Saturday."

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Yeah I think we know what happened on Saturday

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