"Anxiety is not rude. Depression is not selfish. Schizophrenia is not wrong. Eating disorders are not a choice. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is not crazy. Mental illness isn’t self-centred, anymore than cancer is self-centred. It’s a medical illness."
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Anonymous: They were probably just horsing around on the commentary, but I could totally see Beckett and Espo having had a thing. Before Ryan showed up, both new to the job they ended up sleeping together. But then were mutually like 'hey, that was a lot of fun but we probably make better friends'. I would totally be on board for a character back story like that. And I don't think having sex changes Beckett's and Epso's 'bromance' type relationship or their characterization. But *shrugs* 








Yeah, it’s completely possible to have had like, a little one off, or short term thing, and then just be like, eh. I don’t really get the idea that it ruins their characters, or the relationship or anything like that. That’s taking it a bit far, to me. People do, in fact physical relationships and then decide that they would make better friends.

That said, one of the reasons I was never particularly fond of that interpretation is because actually, that sort of structure gets used a lot. “The reason they’re close is because they have some sort of sexual history to give them intimacy” - and I really like the idea that Esposito and Beckett sort of came to that on their own, through something other than sex because it IS a common, easy construction.

What I actually find in relation to the commentary – and I said this somewhere else, although I’m not sure what order these will pop out of the queue at the moment – is that the conversation was instigated by Ryan. Bringing that up in a context to razz Espo with it, where presumably Castle and Beckett would see it? It’s much odder/more awkward bring it up if it’s true then it is to suggest they may have just been doing it to get a rise out of the other two. To me at least.

So yeah it’s not my favorite thing in the entire world for a couple of specific reasons, and I do think there are a lot of explanations, and that even if it was intentionally waited in the commentary, that doesn’t necessarily make it true in story – extras rarely are unless they come up again in an episode. But the level of reaction it’s getting in some quarters is much stronger than I would have expected.

My problem with it is that both Andrew and Stana both seem extremely uncomfortable when people bring up this potential history between Esposito and Kate. Like at the Paley event when it was brought up you could see that Stana and Andrew were annoyed and not exactly comfortable with it, but Jon seems to be all for it. I also think for Jon it might actually be something he has considered to have happened in his mind because it’s not always joking. Most recently he said in an article how he would love to explore those two character’s relationship in the past hinting that there is more to it. 

I’ve just never loved the storyline and I never really saw Kate and Espo’s relationship as any different than Kate and Ryan’s. I think that people get these ideas for a romantic past due to the fact that Espo seems more protective of Kate than Ryan does, but that’s just Espo’s personality. He’s protective of everyone, we even saw that nature come out with Kay Cappuchio. 

I just don’t like it at all and even if they were joking, think that it’s something that shouldn’t be on something official like a Castle DVD

And I’m definitely not adverse to your thinking there, either. Although I think “romantic past” is probably overselling the way I’ve heard him express it.

Yeah I’m using ‘romantic’ loosely. I mean anything more than just friends and just friends wouldn’t have that physical type relationship. Plus the fact that if this is not just joking around, which I do think it is, Espo needed time to get past it which to me suggests more than just physical. 

But I definitely think this is just a joke that is getting old and has been taken too far

If I remember correctly, the original format of it was they went out to celebrate after a case and had a drunken one night stand, then agreed it would never happen again?

Personally, I think they were just hamming it up as characters for the commentary, the way it said doesn’t sound like he’s actually trying to get over anything at all. It looks different in the transcript then it sounds I think.

Maybe. Haven’t listened to it and probably never will. As a fan of the show though, I would prefer it stops. I think it’s gone on long enough and it’s just not funny anymore imo, not that it was funny to start with, but even less so now

As a fan, then, you are missing a very funny 40+ minutes of entertainment for a 10 second moment at the beginning. Your call though. I’m not fond of Castle waking up with Lanie as Nathan’s said a few times. Or things that come up in commentaries. Easiest thing to do is just to shrug it off. Because honestly, these are extras and really they don’t have to exist at all.

But all fans have their own feelings on these things, and I’m not comfortable judging what a person can and can’t say. Fan or actor. Just me though.

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Regina Mills probably


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I just went on that website that tells you where to get Kate Beckett’s clothes and I am really effing pissed off. EVERY SINGLE top that she owns is over $200. Katherine Beckett, you little shit. You need to start shopping less at Barneys and more at Kohls so I can copy your adorable style.



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